ORIGINAL Bodyglide

World's best selling silicone personal lubricant.

Liven up your rest and relaxation pleasures with pjur ORIGINAL. Whether you're flying solo, with your partner or with a group of intimate friends. Guaranteed to deliver maximum enjoyment!

ORIGINAL Bodyglide silicone personal lubricant is by far the world's most popular and best selling personal lubricant on the market today. This lubricant provides long lasting lubrication for sensual massages and all other intimate moments.

The benefits of pjur ORIGINAL is it's super concentrated formula, you only need few drops which will go a long, long way.

This silicone based personal lubricant will not block pores allowing your skin to breath naturally. pjur ORIGINAL never gets sticky or dry out, leaving your skin silky soft and smooth.

ORIGINAL Bodyglide is latex product and condom safe. Made from 100% pharmaceutical grade silicone, pjur ORIGINAL is taste free, odourless, oil free and non greasy.

pjur's formula is a super concentrated lubricant and is the perfect choice for hours of intimate and exciting pleasure. This is a dependable personal lubricant, pjur ORIGINAL promises and delivers satisfaction!

ORIGINAL Bodyglide product specifications and manufacturer's information is available HERE.

Made in Germany by the pjur Group.

pjur ORIGINAL Bodyglide Personal Lubricant

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